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+ Transparent gutters

The only treatment that has virtually no impact on your daily life


+ your treatment in 3 steps

the scan

Your orthodontist uses a scanner to make fast, accurate 3D digital impressions of your teeth, before working with you to develop a treatment plan that's right for you.

step 2


Every week, you'll wear a slightly different mouthpiece to guide your teeth into the desired final position. Trays are changed according to the practitioner's instructions (between 1 and 2 weeks). Tooth movement is gradual and efficient.

Patient cooperation and motivation are essential


To maintain the results obtained, you will finish your treatment with "VIVORTAL" compression splints,
to be worn only at night.

This step is crucial to maintaining and guaranteeing the longevity of your treatment.

+ dental monitoring

a constant eye on the progress of your treatment!

Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring in no way replaces the work of the orthodontist during treatment.

With the DentalMonitoring application and ScanBox pro, you benefit from a permanent link with your practitioner, enabling you to react quickly to any problems (loose cleats, incorrectly worn elastics, brushing problems, etc.) or to ask any questions you may have.

With Dental Monitoring, you avoid unnecessarily prolonging the duration of your orthodontic treatment.

At your office appointment, the team will explain how to use the ScanBox pro and the application.

step 2

You then take a few photos of your smile using the ScanBox pro (at the frequency recommended by your practitioner) and send them via the app.

The team will receive your photos to monitor your treatment and make sure it's progressing according to your treatment plan, saving you unnecessary trips to the office. They will then send you feedback and guide you via the app.

The Before/After visualization system lets you see your progress in just a few clicks.
There's nothing more motivating than watching your dream smile gradually take shape!

+ conventional treatments

According to the needs and/or wishes of our patients


This type of appliance consists of plates (bonded to the outside of the teeth), brackets and wires.
Tooth movement takes place along an arch, the shape of which is designed to guide tooth movements.

This archwire is changed regularly, depending on the movements required. Elastic bands connecting the upper and lower jaws are used to move the teeth horizontally or vertically.


Consisting of translucent plates (bonded to the outside of the teeth), brackets and wires, this technique is more discreet and usually reserved for teenagers or adults for aesthetic reasons.